Sunday, July 14, 2019

An Interview With BLOXX

Following their huge performance at Manchester's Castlefield Bowl, frontwoman Fee agreed to a little interview with myself to get more of an insight into the immersive world of BLOXX...

Q: As a band, who is your biggest musical Inspiration?
A: For me, it's probably got to be Bombay Bicycle Club, Jeff Buckley, and at the moment from Indian Lakes! I really like all of these artists and what they've done/ are doing for music. Creativity is key I guess.

Q: Do you have any plans in the works for albums or ep's? 
A: We are working on a big piece of work at the moment yeah!

Q: What is the best concert you've played to date?
A: I think maybe Community Festival or Reading and Leeds last year. Both crowds were great. We've had some good shows in the last year especially!

Q: If you could tour with any band/ musician, who would it be?
A: Probably Bombay Bicycle Club, I always say that. Or Paramore, awaken the young indie in me.

Q: Create your own Festival. Who would be your three headline acts?
A: Nothing But Thieves, Queens Of The Stone Age and Paramore lol.

Q: Which is your personal favourite of the songs you've released?
A: I still really love headspace but I think as a collective we all agree that Sea Blue is up there with one of our favs

Q: Following on from the previous question - Coke is perhaps one of your most well-known songs, what's the story behind it?
A: It was about a friend I had, a best friend. We're still friends. She's a great girl.

Q: How did you find playing Castlefield Bowl?
A: Castlefield was amazing yeah, we had a really fun time. Shows with The Wombats are always fun.

Q: What do we have to look forward to in Bloxx's future?
A: A lot of new music and fun shows! This next year will be wild for definite.

Q: What's your favourite city or venue to play?
A: London is always good to us, but Manchester holds a place in my heart forever.

Q: Music is a massive part of my life and it always has been, is it the same for your guys or is it all just happenstance?
A: Yeah we've all always been into music. We were in bands before and grew up surrounded by a love for music.

Q: What's the biggest hurdle you've faced as an up and coming band?
A: I'm not sure, maybe motivation to believe that we don't suck. It's the fans that make it possible for ourselves to have self belief though!

Q: 3 Words - How does it feel to be stood on stage having a crowd of fans sing your lyrics back to you?
A: It's an indescribable feeling, I've tried to describe it before, but I fail massively every time. It' basically the best feeling in the world.

Q: Who's the best musician you've seen live?
A: Pink in 2006 HAHA! She did acrobatics like.

Q: To you, what makes a good concert?
A: Great sounds and good stage presence! Tunes aswell!

Q: With one phrase, describe your band/ music.
A: Nothing is the same.

So... you heard it here first!  BLOXX have a lot of excitement in store for us in their not-too distant future, and hopefully we'll be blessed with new music very soon that'll help awaken the young indie in many avid listeners - and with influencers such as Bombay Bicycle Club, it's no wonder that these guys make such electrifying and emotive music.

Bloxx are set to play a plethora of festivals over the Summer, starting with Hidden Herd Festival, Tramlines, 110 Above, Beyond the Woods and Hardwick Live, before jumping over to Reading&Leeds, and finishing off with a bang with Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

The band are also due to tour in October playing a dozen dates, including a stop off in Manchester for the home grown NBHD Festival that takes over the city once a year.

To get tickets to their headline tour, click here.

And remember, girls bite back.


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