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An Interview With Corner Pilots

Ever heard of a band called Corner Pilots? Well if you haven't it's your loss. They're a five piece band from Surrey who play insane rock music and are definitely worth getting to know. You can have a listen to some of their tracks on SoundCloud HERE.

Q. Why did you choose the name Corner Pilots and who came up with it?

A. Our frontman Dan came up with it. We got to a point where we had to be called something when performing and that's the first one he came up with that we liked the sound of
Josh Bennett - Guitarist

Q. Have there been any particular artists or songs that have inspired your music?

A. I think that we all listen to quite varied music and that shows when we play together. The list would be endless. At the moment there's a lot of Beatles music mentioned when we chat. We're all pretty into the Arctic Monkeys having grown up listening to them. Jack White is definitely one of my biggest. There's three pretty solid ones
Jake France - Guitarist

Q. What's your dream gig- if you could perform anywhere, at any festival, where would it be?

Somewhere big for sure. We've always wanted to go travelling America so somewhere over there maybe. Madison Square Gardens would be one. As for festivals I think Coachella would be a good festival to play. There's always a killer line up there
Daniel Stafford - Frontman

Q. If I could go to any concert it'd definitely be Coachella! Are there any bands or artists that you've seen live?

A. Yea there's a few memorable ones. Seen Miles Kane a couple of times who is unreal live. Royal Blood at Brixton Academy were very special as well
There's a lot of bands that we've had the privilege of playing with that deserve a mention. If you ever get the chance, the Ben Drake Collective are ones to see live. That one was a good party
Ben Mawdsley - Bassist

Q. I'm so envious, I bet they're amazing bands live! How did you guys meet and what made you decide to form a band?

A. We all kind of know each other through each other if that makes sense. The other guys all went to the same school and me and Josh met at music college. Dan, Jake, and Josh started the band and when they decided they needed a bassist and a drummer, that's when me and Ben got involved. There's nothing else quite like being in a band. Playing live, rehearsing and writing music, it's a great buzz. There's nothing else like it
Reece O'Brien - Drummer

Q. You've had a few singles released and videos to go with them. Is there a new album and a possible UK tour in your horizon?

A. We are looking to record our first EP in the next couple of months. We've found a really cool little studio up in East London that we are recording in and are very excited to get some of our newer tunes bookmarked. As for a UK tour, it's something we'd love to do. We all work full time to pay our way in the band so it's difficult but it's a challenge we relish. That's definitely an aim of ours, to get out on the road but at the moment there's nothing planned.
Daniel Stafford - Vocals

(You can purchase their latest single 'Jump' on iTunes)

Q. Do you have a particular process for songwriting, or have any pre-show rituals?

AThere's no rules when it comes to songwriting. There's no set process to it. Songs come out of nowhere and without knowing it, you all influence each. Ones persons idea for a song can so quickly change. There is a point where you play something good and you all look round at each other and think "yea that's a good one". That's a good feeling
As for pre-show, we all enjoy the odd shandy before hand so you'll always catch us at the bar before a gig, mingling
Josh Bennett - Guitarist

Q. When you were kids I bet you never would've guessed you'd end up here. What were your dream jobs as kids vs your day jobs now?

A. Not at all. I was a late comer to music but as soon as I got into it that was it. I surrounded myself in it. Our day jobs just facilitate being in a band really. I don't think any of us dream of having a career. Earning a living playing music is the dream and it's something we work towards daily. As a kid I wanted to be a footballer so my head was always in the clouds
Jake France - Guitarist

Q. It must be hard juggling day jobs and being in a band. Personally, I'm a huge fan of both the Arctic monkeys and the Beatles (apart from these), if you could tour with any artist who would it be (including broken up bands and deceased)?

A. It is hard but it's something we're working towards. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 
Any band? Again I think that would be a long list. Current, I would say Royal Blood. Travelling America, big shows, dreamy. When GnR's did their two year tour, that's something we would have been up for. We've always joked that we'd break that record some day. 3 year tour, change the world then disappear into oblivion
Daniel Stafford - Vocals

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