Sunday, June 16, 2024

My 10 Favourite LGBTQ+ Artists

We hope you are having a great Pride month!

In celebration here’s our run down of some fabulous artists, some already legendary, others rising stars. Pride is the perfect time to highlight the achievements of LGBTQ musicians.

So go put your feet up, relax and add these to your favourite shuffle list.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Oh, Yes You Can Cry In The City of Love With Blusher In ‘24 Hours in Paris’

Creating a whimsical and mythical dreamscape to paint a picture of how heartache is jarring and crushing but pairs well with a bottle of rosé-hued hope can only be done by Blusher. The dynamic electronic-pop girl group's latest single, '24 Hours in Paris', takes on the emotions felt immediately after a breakup. 

Delicately, the synths and electronic drums create an atmosphere of light (a dash of glittering and fleeting optimism) and bittersweet, poignant, vocals that battle the sadness of the loss of a partner while being in a city known for its intense poetic romanticisation of love, art, and beauty. The song swirls with trying to push forward and take in the present moment of being in a new city, exploring, expanding your horizons, essentially trying to separate the mind and the heart from the inevitable downpour of tears that would dampen any croissant before dipping it into a cup of French coffee.  

Friday, June 14, 2024

Interview: Ginger Winn

Straight back from filming 'Averna' music videos in Italy, Ginger Winn joins us to chat about her debut album, 'STOP-MOTION', which was released last friday, and shares insights into the creative process behind her music.

Astro-Lloyd Unveil Their Multi-Layered Rock EP ‘Let’s Get Weird’

Swedish alternative rock band Astro-Lloyd presents their brand-new EP, 'Let’s Get Weird,' a four-track experimental endeavour that effortlessly fuses prog-rock and punk rock with hints of pop and stoner rock. 

This captivating mix creates a symphony of eccentricity, pushing the boundaries and journeying through various eras in music history while delivering a current and personal stamp.

Mui Zyu Releases 'Please Be Okay': A Haunting Ballad of Loss and Hope

‘Please Be Okay’ is a hauntingly eerie and melancholic song that grapples with grief, despair, and the desperate hope for solace. Written by Mui Zyu and featuring vocals by Miss Grit, the lyrics paint a world tinged with loss, from the "flaky fear calling" to the chilling image of "picnics with hell money”.

The repeated plea of "please be okay" is both a desperate wish and a helpless recognition of the character's powerlessness.