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Still Woozy's Enchanting 'Shotput' Teases ‘Loveseat's Arrival

Still Woozy, the alternative pop artist from San Francisco, returns with his latest single, ‘Shotput’, heralding the arrival of his forthcoming album, ‘Loveseat’. It's his first release of the year, setting the scene for an exciting new chapter in his musical journey.

From the start, Still Woozy has weaved together acoustic and electronic elements to create his distinctive mark of psychedelic alternative music. In ‘Shotput’, the acoustic guitar plays a prominent role, blending harmoniously with the bass and vocals to create an irresistibly catchy chorus.

Still Woozy creates a narrative that seamlessly combines surreal imagery with authentic emotion, offering listeners a nuanced portrait of the complexities of love. The song uses metaphorical language and abstract scenes to capture the exhilarating highs and daunting lows of romantic relationships. Lyrics like "You hit like a shotput and you got me" evoke the weight and impact of love while inviting reflection on personal experiences.

Palmer Morse and Tom Goulet's direction in the video that accompanies 'Shotput' offers viewers an intimate insight into Still Woozy's world, captured in a single take in his Portland, Oregon home. This approach, along with the ongoing artistic contributions of Still Woozy's partner, Amiya Kahn-Tietz, in creating the album covers, brings us closer to the artist, offering a personal and authentic connection to his creative process and artistic vision.

As we await the release of 'Loveseat' on 28 June via Polydor, Still Woozy confirms his position as a distinctive and influential figure in alternative pop music. The album promises a musical journey that may well prioritise using acoustic instruments.




Matteo Attal


Image: ‘Shotput’ Official Single Cover

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