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Hollow Coves Shed Light on An Introspective And Heartwarming Album

The Australian folk duo Hollow Coves have unearthed their newest eleven-track album titled ‘Nothing To Lose’. 

Each track is introspective as it heals, inspires, empowers, and fulfils the soul. Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins originally hail from the Gold Coast, but their sound has reached all four corners of the globe with releases such as ‘Blessings’ and ‘Purple’ in recent times. 

‘Nothing To Lose’ is unsurprisingly the first to appear on the album and sets the tone for a blissful summer soundtrack that energises the soul by encouraging its audience to embrace vulnerability and venture into uncharted territory by singing “Let’s dance into the unknown”.

‘Photographs’ is one of the more poignant tracks due to its ability to reflect and connect with a diverse audience. Lyrics such as “Who’s gonna make you remember the summer? / I love the way she never let the moment pass” suggest beautiful moments are becoming increasingly difficult to savour in a digital era where almost anything and everything is uploaded to social media.

‘Milk and Honey’ offers hope and empowers the soul with lyrics such as “Open your eyes, be like a child / Life is full of milk and honey”. ‘Letting Go’ encourages the listener to rid themselves of negativity while also helping its audience to keep moving forward as brighter days are ahead. “Coming home now / starting over, it’s what I needed” echoes and reaffirms those sentiments.

‘Harder To Fake It’ is a soothing song that reinforces the sincerity of each record on the album with lyrics such as “I want to believe in something with meaning / Take a step towards a life you love.” The lyrics are backed by blissful melodies and a beat that adds a soft and soulful pulse to the music.

‘On My Way’ continues to remind those who need it most that better times are approaching, and one should always try to distance themselves from those who restrict, hurt, and hold them back. Lines such as “Step by step I come alive / Lift my head up to the skies” are guaranteed to feed and energise, especially when listening in a relaxed environment.

The final record on the album is ‘See You Soon’. A subtle backbeat is greeted with the opening line, “I wish that we could go back in time” which points towards growing older and growing apart as time passes by. It also pines for the past, when simpler times made life easier and more enjoyable.

Overall, the album is bound to break boundaries by reaching new audiences across the globe. Their sound is infectious and is sure to resonate with a wide-ranging audience dreaming of a better life. From the beaches to everyday city life, these tracks are sure to aid anyone longing to escape the confines of reality.

Antony Bailey


Image: 'Nothing to Lose' Official Album Cover

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