Thursday, August 26, 2021

Echo Coast shines with his latest single ‘Symphony of Sound’

Self-described ‘songsmith’ Echo Coast, otherwise known as James Hobbs, has re-entered the music scene with his latest summery single ‘Symphony of Sound’

Originally from Chichester, he now lives in a sleepy coastal town and it is clear to see his music is heavily influenced by his surroundings. He is also said to be inspired by an array of genres including the music of the 60s, indie and alternative rock, and much more. 

Hobbs supposedly recorded ‘Symphony of Sound’during a heatwave in which he also had a fractured ankle. It's needless to say that he clearly channeled the heat into this single as it radiates summer. 

The track remains upbeat throughout, leading with a plucky guitar and smooth vocals from Hobbs to emanate a 60’s inspired sound with a true indie feel. It combines the sounds of the early works of The Kooks with the more classic style of 60’s bands such as The Monkees to create a piece that feels both contemporary and reminiscent. 


The song's upbeat sound juxtaposes its rather deep lyrics which express the hardships of life. The song begins with a sense of hopelessness, portrayed by the lyrics and delves deeper into the general suffering that society experiences as a collective. However, the chorus spins the lyrics around which can be seen in the lyric “we’re all lost until we’re found”. This summarises the song's message perfectly; the idea that facing hardships is all about picking yourself back up after. 


Perhaps what is most brilliant about this track is its sense of uniqueness. Hobbs combines the sound of the 60s with the sound of current Indie tracks to create something that doesn’t feel overworked or repetitive but instead a burst of freshness. What really shines the most in this track is the memorable ending, as it trails off into a brass solo which feels completely separate from the rest of the song but somehow remains cohesive. 


This new track is only a taste of what Echo Coast is capable of and we cannot wait to hear more from him in the near future. If this track is anything to go by, we expect more feel-good tunes with a nostalgic twist to them.


Aneesha Kalia


 Image: Official Single Artwork

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