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The Big Moon 10/04/17

Meet and Greet at Fopp Records Store in Manchester

The Big Moon are a quaint all-female indie quartet from the UK, consisting of members - Fern, Soph (who is also the front woman of another band - Our Girl), Juliette and Celia (Instagram).

Signed poster and 'setlist'
Before their meet&greet they performed a small intimate set, which was adorably informal (they asked everyone to sit on the floor so the people at the back could see), they were giggling with each other, talking to the audience, acoustic sets have a much better atmosphere than concerts.

Set List;

1. Silent Movie Susie
2. The Road
3. Cupid
4. Pull The Other One
5. The End
6. Formidable
7. Happy New Year
8. Sucker

From left to right; Juliette, Soph, Celia
 and drummer Fern

Their debut album 'Love In The Fourth Dimension' was released on April 7th  and received a five star review from DIY. If you've never listened to The Big Moon - make it a top priority - the best songs to give you a feel of what they're like are 'Silent Movie Susie' and 'Cupid'.

Simliar Artists;
Cherry Glazerr
Black Honey

Meeting The Big Moon;

It's incredible how lovely and down-to-earth the girls are (we had a little conversation about Trainspotting - my automatic fall-back talking point when anxious). Unfortunately we couldn't get a picture with Celia as she had to rush off to catch a train to London, but we got her to sign our merch. Seeing as though the band are feminists I thought it fitting to get them to sign my 'Smash The Patriarchy' T-shirt (truly one of a kind) and Soph asked if she could write 'TBM' on it.

Me and Josie with Juliette, Fern and Soph

Upcoming Gigs;

Juliette, Soph and Celia
The Big Moon are currently on a UK tour, as well as visiting; Germany, The Netherlands, France and Belgium. They are also attending the following Festivals;

Dot To Dot
Art Rock 
Barn On The Farm
Green Man

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