Saturday, May 01, 2021

Wolf Alice are set for a triumphant return with highly anticipated ‘Blue Weekend’

Many bands and musicians have been dazzling us with their new music over the past year, therefore, it comes as no surprise that Mercury award winner Wolf Alice have banished the lockdown blues of their loyal fans with the release of their new single ‘The Last Man On Earth’. 

This follows an exciting announcement of the band's UK & Ireland tour, which will take place in 2022. Fans are on the edge of their seat as they get to experience the band in a post COVID world. 

'The Last Man On Earth' made its debut on Annie Mac on Radio 1, and since then the song has been well received. The single is definitely a marked departure from the band's earlier releases, as it departs from the alt-rock genre found in their older catalogue and veers towards a grander and ethereal sound. The piano sequences found in 'The Last Man On Earth' blend perfectly with their 2017 album 'Visions of a Life.' The new single also has overtones of Wolf Alice's 2015 album 'My Love Is Cool.' particularly tracks like 'Soapy Water' and 'Lisbon.' The band's catalogue is fantastically emotive and incredibly heartfelt. 

'The Last Man On Earth' received a lot of buzz and was showcased on 'Later With Jools Holland.' During the band's performance, lights shone brightly on frontwoman Ellie Rowsell, as she opened up the track with her stunning solo piano sequence. The song is crazily catchy and is beautifully sad and eerie. You connect instantly and get transported to memories of the past and the nostalgia associated with that feeling. Ellie delivers a mesmerizing performance. Her unique voice and poetic lyrics evokan intense emotional response. Wolf Alice often exudes this level of vulnerability, as seen in their live performances of 'Blush' and 'Silk.' 'The Last Man On Earth' shows the band's enchanting ability to mix their classical and emotive wordplay with their hauntingly catchy and stripped back music. It remains impressive how Wolf Alice is able to continually reinvent themselves over each new single release. 

From provocative guitar anthems like ‘Yuk Foo’ to reflective tracks like 'Space & Time,' we are able to experience the full repertoire of what the 4 piece band can bring to the table. Their songs remain as original as ever.  As we look towards the upcoming release of Wolf Alice's third album 'Blue Weekend,' it will be interesting to see the direction that Wolf Alice takes in terms of their sound and lyrics. If we can take anything from 'The Last Man On Earth’ it’s that the anthemic nature that permeates through their ballad tracks on previous albums is here to stay. 

Overall, with the release of the album just three months away, it would be safe to assume that fans can expect an amalgamation of new tracks which embrace the sound and lyrics that made them fall in love with the band in the first place.

Connor Fairhurst

Instagram: @connor_fairhurst_

Twitter: @connorlf97

Image:  Paul Hudson

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